Re: Kenziner

Date:2020-05-23 13:56:05
In Reply To:New Tunes Day(s): by Nosferatwo
Wow I had no idea they were even releasing an album. And they already released the single late 2019 but the album is still not out. Probably Covid stopped it. Anyway the last album was very disappointing. This new song is better. Jarno is such a great shredder although he doesn't cut loose on this tune. The singer I guess is the same as the last album. He's ok and a bit better than the last album but when he goes high he just sounds bad but he stays in register in the chorus apart from when he sings "Break the Silence" and he sounds terrible again!. And the fact that he says the letter T in the word castle is beyond hilarious. Does no one in Finland know it's silent??? I have a little hope but I fear this singer might again ruin Jarno's album.

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