Well that's a tough one...

Date:2020-05-22 06:21:23
In Reply To:Top 20 Dio Songs by John Frank
Ok, here's my list... only in chronological order, not a countdown list. One caveat... my list is heavily tilted towards the first 2 albums. Sure, that's not surprising in general, but it kinda is for me. For example, if I created a similar list for, say, Iron Maiden or Metallica... well, first off I probably wouldn't even be able to do it, but even if I did, those lists would contain a blasphemously large percentage of newer material right up there with the old stuff, heh. That said, I got into Dio in the mid 90s, and listened extensively to all the material released up to that point, then from 1996 forward, I got every album upon release, and again listened extensively. So I have a good history of listening to all of them many times, with no pesky newer albums to worry about whether I've listened to them enough yet. Given that, I can legitimately say there's at least 1 song from each album that deserves a spot in the top 20.

Holy Diver
Caught In The Middle
Don't Talk To Strangers
Rainbow In The Dark
We Rock
The Last In Line
I Speed At Night
One Night In The City
Egypt (The Chains Are On)
Sacred Heart
Dream Evil
All The Fools Sailed Away
Born On The Sun
Lock Up The Wolves
Strange Highways
Stay Out Of My Mind
Fever Dreams
Losing My Insanity
Killing The Dragon
In Dreams

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