Re: Speaking of Bruce...

Date:2020-05-18 18:34:31
In Reply To:Brucey matey is back.... by Pirage
Just read his ex wife just died after a “tragic accident”. They divorced a while back and she took old Bruce for a fair wack of his cash. The figure £90m is mentioned but even if not that much it’s probably way in the tens of millions. Just goes to show life is always very fragile. His 3 kids have lost their mother out of the blue...real shocker. Good job Maiden is out of action till next summer.

The rumour is they’ve already recorded the next album and could have released late this year but Covid has probably put paid to any quick album release since next year’s tour is still Legacy of the Beast so doubt they will release the album before all those Legacy dates are fully done. They’ll all be so old and tired especially Nicko that this next album has a big whiff of finality about it when it finally comes out probably late ‘21 or early ‘22.

I hope they just say fuck it and release in say Jan-Mar ‘21 and tour in ‘22 for it and give us a year to get to know the songs. Wishful thinking I know.

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