Re: Top 20 Dio Songs

Date:2020-05-12 16:59:28
Edited:2020-05-12 17:01:18
In Reply To:Top 20 Dio Songs by John Frank
So in reality, it would mostly just be the first 2 records, but I went thru Wikipedia to include some songs I like from the latter stuff.

20. Fever Dreams
19. This Is Your Life
18. Hey Angel
17. Wild One
16. Evilution
15. Push
14. Caught in the Middle
13. Killing the Dragon
12. Here's to You
11. Evil Eyes
10. One Night in the City
09. All the Fools Sailed Away
08. Shame on the Night
07. Stand Up and Shout
06. Mystery
05. We Rock
04. Holy Diver
03. The Last in Line
02. Egypt (The Chains Are On)
01. Rainbow in the Dark

Edited cuz I now realize it's still mostly stuff from the first two albums. Ah well... I tried. :)
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