Re: 4 new(ish) Virgin Steele Vids

Date:2020-05-12 11:21:10
In Reply To:New Tunes Day(s): by Nosferatwo
David and co are still alive. Haven't heard anything for ages apart from the million and one re-releases VS did and the odds and sodds acoustic stuff. Last album was a massive fail bar about 3-4 songs. Slow, boring and no excitement. David really needs to come back to playing barbaric metal and apparently he's working on anew album. He's always so ambitious. He says I'm working on a 3 part opera etc and he always says it's gonna be very heavy and it's heavy for like one song and then settles down to crooning acoustics and boredom ensues. Anyway let's watch these vids. - God Above God. The slow ballad from Visions of Eden. Plenty of faces pulled by David lol. The song is nice and he sounds good but they seem to have used the horrible original mix for the video. The chorus is really nice on this epic ballad but the length is sheer tedium. - Bonedust orchestral version. David's going mental on this one. Using his full range so to speak. His angry rasp and stratospheric squeals. I actually don't mind his performance on tis. It's pure OTT but it sounds quite good in a somewhat hilarious way anyway. David probably been on the vino pre-recording lol! He's got a nice house anyway by the looks of it. - Kingdom Of The Fearless - funny amateur video of this awesome song. If David can write a song at this level again I'll be happy. The clip looks recent although Ed was in his nn metal poser phase lol. Looks like a school teacher next to David. Gotta love it when David gets his sword out! - The hidden God - Oh yes the cheesy and hilarious vids are back! Fucking hilariously cheesy and painfully cheap. The song is OK but with the horrendous original mix. Can someone help David get that mask off? I think it's stuck to his face! :-)

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