Looks like there is no bad blood between Diego and Tony Hernando...

Date:2020-05-11 17:10:41
In Reply To:Diego Valdez out, Ronnie Romero is back with LORDS OF BLACK by Guillaume
**I'm glad Romero is back (even though I'm a huge Diego fan) because LoB is where he belongs IMO, but I'd still love to hear the Diego versions of the new upcoming songs...


Diego Valdez oficial
3 hrs ยท
Dear friends, after a long wait I can tell you that I haven't been a part of Lords of Black for a while now, the reason? the moment and the life situations that prevented me from continuing in the band and surpassed us, an appropriate place at the wrong time. Know that together with Tony we did everything we could to carry all this forward. You should also know that despite the circumstances my friendship with Tony is stronger than ever and that it has been a pleasure to have worked with him, our chemistry and connection when writing songs was wonderful and know that our collaboration has great chances to have some "Hernando/Valdez" in a future project. The important thing is that those songs we worked so hard on will see the light, so even though my voice is not on the album, there is something of me in it. I love you all.
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