Re: Top 20 Judas Priest Songs

Date:2020-05-10 16:58:44
In Reply To:Re: Top 20 Judas Priest Songs by Pirage
They're not obscure, I'm just olllllllllllld ;)

"You Don't Have to be Old to be Wise" is off of "British Steel", was my battle cry back in high school. Now I know I'll never be wise... is that wisdom?

"Solar Angels" is off of "Point of Entry" - mellow, kinda atmospheric, a "hidden gem" for many

"Locked In" is from "Turbo" - had the Mad Max knock off video with the motorcyle chase and stop-motion animated skeleton

"Evening Star" is from "Killing Machine" sort of a power ballad, but not about love, about finding your path in life

"Fever" is another power ballad type thing off "Screaming for Vengeance" has a killer bridge towards the middle/end where Rob is just godly. The part tht begins with "So destiny has brought us oh so clse together" always gets my blood churning

"Out in the Cold" is a power ballad off of "Turbo" - they opened the tour with this song if my shitty memory is correct, which it rarely is

I like the ballady songs cuz they let Rob show off his incredible range, both technically and emotionally.
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