Re: Top 20 Manowar Songs

Date:2020-05-10 09:10:28
In Reply To:Re: Top 20 Manowar Songs by von
1. The Glory of Achilles
I tried this for kicks just now. Is this like one of the fastest non death/black metal songs ever or what?
6. Gates of Valhalla
Didn't like this really apart from Eric's singing.
8. March for Revenge
I forgot this. It's a great song.
13. Hector Storms the Wall
Just played this. Not bad but not really catchy just heavy and pounding which is why you like it I guess.
16. Secret of Steel
Good vocals as usual.
17. Thor
Just played. Sounded very nice. Could easily include in my list.
18. Shell Shock
Didn't like this. Sounded like AC/DC a bit.

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