Top 25 Powerwolf Songs

Date:2020-05-09 14:16:50
Too difficult to put in order but I can easy list 25 and since they're my fave band literally.

Amen & Attack
Blessed & Possessed
Dead Boys Don't Cry
Demons Are a Girl's Best Friend
Incense & Iron
Killers With the Cross
Mr. Sinister
Nighttime Rebel
Panic in the Pentagram
Prayer in the Dark
Raise Your Fist, Evangelist
Resurrection by Erection
Sacred & Wild
Sanctified With Dynamite
Saturday Satan
The Sacrament of Sin
We Are The Wild
We Drink Your Blood
Where the Wild Wolves Have Gone
All We Need Is Blood"
Armata Strigoi
Catholic in the Morning... Satanist at Night
Cardinal Sin
Fire & Forgive
Kiss of the Cobra King

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