Top 20 Running Wild Songs

Date:2020-05-09 09:52:25
I'm sure I've done this RW list before but here goes the lockdown version. I'm sure I could fill another 20 songs easy although there's slim pickings on recent albums even though there are some decent songs here and there. Just waiting for rock n Rolf to get Sasso to play real drums, coz he's a real person after all!

20. The War
19. Raise Your Fist
18. Battle of Waterloo
17. Genesis (The Making and the Fall of Man)
16. Lead or Gold
15. The Privateer
14. Soulless
13. The Rivalry
12. Masquerade
11. Adventure Galley
10. Rebel At Heart
09. Death Or Glory
08. Under Jolly Roger
07. The Ghost
06. The Phantom of Black Hand Hill
05. Conquistadores
04. Bad to the Bone
03. Tortuga Bay
02. War And Peace
01. Ballad of William Kidd

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