Top 20 Testament Songs

Date:2020-05-09 09:32:46
Edited:2020-05-09 13:24:13
Only old school Testament songs make my list. I like the new Testament style don't get me wrong but it doesn't hold a candle to the old school. The other thing to note is that all 3 of their big ballads make my list. I love all three of those. My top 5 is also set in stone. I don't think I've seen a Testament gig without most of those being played.

20. Sins Of Omission
19. Return To Serenity
18. Electric Crown
17. Souls Of Black
16. Falling Fast
15. The Ballad
14. Trail Of Tears
13. Malpractice
12. Alone In The Dark
11. Perilous Nation
10. Eerie Inhabitants
09. The Legacy
08. First Strike Is Deadly
07. Trial By Fire
06. Over The Wall
05. The Preacher
04. Into The Pit
03. The New Order
02. Practice What You Preach
01. Disciples Of The Watch

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