Re: Top 20 Jethro Tull Songs

Date:2020-05-09 07:42:33
In Reply To:Re: Top 20 Jethro Tull Songs by Pirage
I always found that such an upbeat tune for Tull
Which is kinda funny given the subject matter of the song.
Silver River Turning
I Don't Want to Be Me
Heavy Water
Man of Principle
Don’t recall these. Need to try.
Silver River Turning, I Don't Want to be Me, and Man of Principle were songs that were recorded but not released on the albums they were recorded for. They(and a bunch of other unreleased tracks including a few more that might make my list if it went past 20) were later released on the compilation album Nightcap. Heavy Water was recorded in the same time period as the other 3, but it actually made the album it was recorded for(Rock Island).
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