Re: Rank the reunion albums:

Date:2020-05-09 07:19:23
In Reply To:Rank the reunion albums: by Nosferatwo
You sure like your AMOLAD.
Yep. My third favorite Maiden album behind Seventh Son and Powerslave.
The reunion albums are my favorite ones.
You're just weird.

:I'd put them thusly:

The Final Frontier
Dance Of Death
A Matter Of Life And Death
Brave New World (too repetitive)
The Book Of Souls (too long)
I'd go
1. BNW - best sound and best songs for me.
2. DOD - Very melodic but slightly muddy sound.
3. AMOLAD - Good but a bit of a slog but better sound.
4. TFF - Mixed songs but average production.
5. TBOS - OK to good songs but over long at 92 minutes and production not my cup of tea.

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