Re: Top 20 Jethro Tull Songs

Date:2020-05-09 06:08:53
In Reply To:Re: Top 20 Jethro Tull Songs by D.S.

18. Fylingdale Flyer

That's a good one I don't see mentioned often.
I always found that such an upbeat tune for Tull with a really melodic chorus.

Not sure on the order but these would likely be my top 20 though it's subject to change:
Farm on the Freeway
I like this one. Quite heavy for Tull.
Silver River Turning
Don’t even know this one.
My God
Cross Eyed Mary
Hymn 43
Holy trinity above.
I Don't Want to Be Me
Another I don’t recall.
I like this one. Very keyboard heavy.
Heavy Water
Man of Principle
Don’t recall these 2. Need to try.

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