Re: Rank the reunion albums:

Date:2020-05-09 01:42:28
Edited:2020-05-09 01:43:33
In Reply To:Rank the reunion albums: by Nosferatwo
The reunion albums are my favorite ones. I'd put them thusly:

The Final Frontier
Dance Of Death
A Matter Of Life And Death
Brave New World (too repetitive)
The Book Of Souls (too long)
For me it would be:

A Matter Of Life And Death
(half the songs are 9/10 or higher, the other half are good to great)

The Book Of Souls
(2 excellent songs, everything else good to great)

Brave New World
(4 great to excellent songs, 6 OK to good ones)

The Final Frontier
(first half weak, second half strong, but dry vocals throughout)

Dance Of Death
(mostly just OK to good, some production issues)

- Jer
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