Top 20 Jethro Tull Songs

Date:2020-05-08 09:59:37
Tull are obviously an acquired taste. I got into them fairly late. They have so many weird, oddball and difficult songs and so many ideas. Anyway I sorted a top 20 out though I'm not sure these titles will mean much to many people here. Maybe there's a few Tullheads around who can contribute.

20. Orion
19. Heavy Horses
18. Fylingdale Flyer
17. Nothing Is Easy
16. North Sea Oil
15. Roots To Branches
14. One Brown Mouse
13. Jack In The Green
12. Hymn 43
11. Life Is A Long Song
10. Hunting Girl
09. My God
08. The Whistler
07. Locomotive Breath
06. Songs From The Wood
05. Cross—eyed Mary
04. Thick As A Brick pt 1
03. Dun Ringill
02. Aqualung
01. Minstrel In The Gallery

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