Top 20 Manowar Songs

Date:2020-05-08 09:03:11
Manowar has a lot of good songs and quite a lot that I don't like and don't even know well enough so this list was quite easy for me to make. It's funny that Manowar is literally the only metal band on earth where I actively enjoy the slower ballads as much as the rockers. It's also rare for me to include an instrumental but I love the No. 20 pick here.

20. Today Is a Good Day to Die
19. Gods Of War
18. Wheels Of Fire
17. All Men Play On Ten
16. Metal Daze
15. The Gods Made Heavy Metal
14. Warriors Of The World
13. Army Of The Immortals
12. The Crown And The Ring
11. Kingdom Come
10. Courage
09. Battle Hymn
08. Carry On
07. Kings Of Metal
06. Masters Of The Wind
05. Guyana (The Cult Of The Dammed)
04. Hail To England
03. Heart Of Steel
02. Fighting The World
01. Hail And Kill

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