Re: Top 20 Iron Maiden songs

Date:2020-05-06 14:21:01
In Reply To:Re: Top 20 Iron Maiden songs by Nosferatwo
Ok, so I'm not going to try to rank them. And the reunion era is the Iron Maiden I listen to the most, so my favorites are heavy on those albums.

The Early Stuff:

Hallowed By Thy Name
Run To The Hills
2 Minutes To Midnight
The Trooper
Can I Play With Madness
Is that all from the early stuff? Lol... that's far too few. Bang goes your metal cred... Well not that will bother you as we all know... :-)

I even like Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter
Well this is a slight surprise. I mean it's a fairly catchy song but it just doesn't really have a Nos feel about it..

The Newer Stuff:

Ghost Of The Navigator
Very good indeed.
No More Lies
It's good.
Age Of Innocence
I don't recall.
The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg
Good song
Coming Home
Isle Of Avalon
Don't recall well.
The Talisman
One of the best latter day Maiden songs for sure.
Where The Wild Wind Blows (Can you tell I love The Final Frontier album?)
Well indeed. It looks like it.
The Book Of Souls
It's OK. But nothing from TBOS would probably make my top 50 Maiden songs. maybe The Red And The Black.

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