Re: April Round Up

Date:2020-05-01 21:10:51
In Reply To:April Round Up by Pirage
6.5 Conception - State of Deception
I like Khan's vocals
I've never been huge on Roy, so I didn't need to hear him on a mediocre comeback.
7 Nightwish - Human. II Nature Tuomas is just far too ambitious for his own good and needs to buckle down and work on making songs more memorable
Absolutely. With each passing album, it sounds more and more like he's only doing Nightwish because it's successful. If he could make the same money playing orchestral stuff, I think he'd jump at that in a heartbeat.

7.5 The Birthday Massacre - Diamonds
I haven't had the itch to play it in a little while, but I mostly agree.

8 South Haven - Motion
Glad to hear you liked it too. We're probably talking about different songs, but yeah, there's two or so that aren't as good as the rest. And the album is a bit short even with them. I'm always a bit wary of albums that aren't even forty minutes long. It's such a short run time that everything had better be great, or it feels like we didn't get enough. This one avoids that, barely, but I would have liked one more song to fill it out.

I think I've already listened to more May albums than I did April. I'm waiting on what I have the highest hopes for of the lot, so that will determine if it's going to be a good month or not.
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