April Round Up

Date:2020-05-01 20:03:15
I've just not listened to a lot of music this month. I've had a lot of issues and I've really held back on music listening. Just not been arsed with music basically although I still probably listened to more albums than most. Anyway I listened to these at least once.

5 Unmerciful - Wrath Encompassed
I've liked these tech death metal unknowns in the past but this album left me cold. Just average riffs and the songs seemed boring.

5.5 Battalion - Bleeding Till Death
Could've been good true metal but just below average in the end.

6 Abysmal Dawn - Phylogenesis
Another death metal band I've liked before. This album is ok but my listen left me mostly unmoved.

6 Cirith Ungol - Forever Black
Actually not as bad as I was thinking. Still not my cuppa. Not into this kinda raw under production. The echoey and unique vocals are also a very acquired taste. Too cult and from the depths for me this one, but not bad anyway. Just very doubtful I will ever need to listen to it again.

6 Siren - Back from the Dead
Another that has its moments but overall just not enough of them for me to recommend highly but a few fun songs of regaular heavy metal with OK vocals.

6 Symbolik - Emergence
Tech death with black leanings. The music is good but the vocals are super annoying. Well one en that is, the blackened screeching just does my head in. The music has great moments but listening again to this is going to be a chore.

6.5 Traveler - Termination Shock
Canadian pwer tard metallers with a decent new album. Production however is a bit cheap. The songs are also not always memorable but they have talent.

6.5 Compass - Our Time on Earth
the new more progressive and heavier project from Steve Newman. Not bad at all. Has a few very good songs but quite a bit of meandering that does zilch for me. Could've been good but it just doesn't quite cut the mustard.

6.5 Conception - State of Deception
I like Khan's vocals that I can't deny. But this kind of slightly odd songwriting misses the mark for me. Not to say there aren't some good moments throughout the album. It's just not really something I could fully get behind. Anyway it's good to hear Khan again although his melodies are a bit subdued.

7 Kill Ritual - The Opaque and the Divine
This is rather OK. Just regular modern metal with some heavy melody. The songs are sometimes a touch aggressive but they never forget melody totally either. Not a bad album at all and if some of the better songs come on I won't skip.

7 Nightwish - Human. II Nature
Even though the album feels like hard work and a lot of it o get through it still has very good parts. It's just we have to wait quite a while before they arrive. It's a good album but just too inconsistent for me to get repeat plays out of a fair chunk of it. Tuomas is just far too ambitious for his own good and needs to buckle down and work on making songs more memorable than just showing structure and epic, drawn feel as he seems to be doing. Floor like many have said, is well under used too. give her some soaring melodies to sing damn it!

7 Palace - Reject the System
Never really heard this German power metal band but this was good. Like a much faster Accept basically. If that sounds like something worthwhile then proceed.

7.5 Bonfire - Fistful Of Fire
German rockers back again with a rock solid effort. Germanic melodic rock has a very distinct sound and Bonfire stick to it rigidly and without deviation. Works for me.

7.5 Dakesis - Fractures
Pretty much unknown UK symphonic power metal with female vocals. I rather enjoyed this effort. It does what it says on the tin and doesn't throw a spanner in the works. Her vocals are really rather ok too. However not the best in this style this month. That's further down.

7.5 The Birthday Massacre - Diamonds
Again I rather enjoyed this electro goth rock offering with silky female vocals. There's even quite a bit of heaviness in the guitars here and there and the tunes are mostly rather enjoyable. I mean it's not something I'd seek to put on, on a regular basis but if I did I know I'd enjoy the songs I heard.

8 Dark Forest - Oak, Ash & Thorn
English trad power metal band returns again with another joyous set of tunes. Lots of beautiful thigh slapping folky parts and good not great vocals. It's all about the deep and rich melody with dark Forest and the true olden traditional English feel to the songs and lyrics especially.

8 Darker Half - If You Only Knew
A new band with a splendid debut of heavy and still very melodic power metal. Nothing to complain about here at all. Everything is done at a very high level. Interesting to see how they progress as they are already very high in the power metal rankings for a newcomer band.

8 South Haven - Motion
I forget where these guys are from but they had a great single last year and finally they've reached album release and I can only say they've kept their end of the bargain. The only thing I would say is that a couple of the songs are a little too r'n'b and were it not for the guitars they would be chart cannon fodder. However most of the songs are just regular heavy rock songs with beautiful female vocals and simply gorgeous melodies. Not 100% perfect but I can't deny that I liked this and then some.

8.5 Warning Sign - Path to Destruction
This band caught me by surprise. I don't recall them though I might have heard but I just can't be arsed to do the leg work. anyway all I know is that this is a great power metal release and more in the US style than the European one. It still has a lot of catchy melody in the choruses though and a lot of gallop in the riffs. A very good out of the blue album indeed.

8.5 Ad Infinitum - Chapter I - Monarchy
The new symphonic power metal band featuring Melissa Bonny. I'm not sure who the other guys are but I'm sure they're seasoned vets judging by the quality on offer here. there are some simply beautiful and dark melodies on offer from our gal here and the music backs her up very well. Our Melissa also likes to her banshee growl a fair bit and whilst not really necessary IMO, I can forgive it as it doesn't really annoy me that much. I can still enjoy the epicness of it all and the grandiose melodies that sweep all before them. A tremendously extravagant and triumphant debut album.

9.5 Dynazty - The Dark Delight
And finally my runaway album of the month by the Swedes of Dynazty. I knew this was going to kick unholy ass after the first single. then the second single only increased the anticipation and the third cemented it in stone. Finally the whole thing is here and they've delivered their best album. The melodies are truly infectious worse than Covid I'm tellin' ya lol! Every song is literally blessed with a chorus from heaven all delivered with superb tone from our man of the moment on the mic. This guy is slowly becoming my fave current singer in the melodic metal field. The man is just a battering ram vocalist with a knack for superb melody. The band themselves are writing great musical backing but never showy or stealing the limelight from Nils. the production is wonderfully clean and crystal clear and heavy enough. I want to give a 10 but I'm just holding back but whoever tops this album this year will have to get the full 10 and I just can't think who that might be. For now I'm fixated by this release even though I'm not playing as much music as I normally do. I do reach for this every day though which is still good. Also they are one of the few bands I've never seen live which irks me somewhat but hey maybe 2021, here's hoping coz this year's basically fucked as we all know by now...

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