Re: Listening to the new Nightwish....followed by Ad Infinitum

Date:2020-04-30 20:19:19
In Reply To:Listening to the new Nightwish....followed by Ad Infinitum by Pirage
One has remembered we need catchy melodies and one has mostly forgotten what that’s all about. Not really hard to guess which is which...
Best Nightwish album ever... funny fact is that it's true for the 4 latest Nightwish albums... each on was the best so far.

Tuomas is a freaking musical genius and Floor is 10x better than the already incredible Tarja or the very good Anette.

Also like Ad Infinutum A LOT, but new Nightwish is playing in another league, it's much better in EVERY musical aspect.

Both have LOTS of catchy melodies, but the ones in new Nightwish are more impressive and refreshed, while Ad Infinitum is more like a copy of what we've already seen a dozen times. But very good anyway.

Nightwish was a great band with Tarja. When she left, I thought it was over. Nightwish changed their whole sound after that, it's simply another band. Today it's probably be best live band ever and is on my Top10 overall bands for sure. Can't wait to listen the new song live... they are much better live, and that's something rare to find.

Songs like Romanticide, Yours is an Empty Hope, Weak Fantasy, Storytime, Song of Myself, Poet and The Pendulum, Ghost Love Score, Everdream, The Greatest Show on Earth, etc... are unbelievably awesome live with Floor...
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