Been on a nostalgia trip...

Date:2020-04-28 20:53:58
Been playing some old songs again. I do this some times but I'm not normally a nostalgia guy but I just got the urge to do this.

So I've been listening to stuff from ages ago. Just songs from here and there that I randomly remember and got led to or that suddenly popped into my mind.

Started with Helstar's Swirling Madness. Man the riffs on this song are seriously sweet. Unfortunately the production is really poor on this album. dull as dishwater but what riffs. That chorus swirls around really well as the title suggests! Those sweaty twangy riffs though. Pure speed metal insanity.

I moved on to something similar. destiny's End - The Fortress Unvanquishable. I just love this song. The barrage of jet fast riffage springs forth like a bullet and we're off and then that chorus brings it home. What amazes me is that Rivera sings so damn clean. The guys uses not a single note of grit. His words are pronounced so damn clearly. I always laugh he sings so sharp and clean.

Next i went full into cult metal territory. Brocas Helm with Cry of The Banshee. The production is super raw but there's something of the genius about these guys. Their Maiden on speed trip always brings a smile as does the unique vocals.

Next I went to one of my fave old school USP songs. Namely Omen's Battle Cry. I haven't heard this song in probably 20 years. The production is a bit poor but JD kimball's vocals are still perfect. roaring but still melodic. Strangely I can hear Di'anno in some of the words and the little squeals he does.

next I went to Crimson Glory's Lady of Winter. I just love this song. His voice in the chorus is just godly! wowww. midnight was just incredible. what kind of voice is this man?? Bloody hell

So I couldn't leave Midnight just yet. I went to Red Sharks.. God what a trip... his voice soars like an eagle during the chorus. Guy is unreal. I almost doubt he could do it live. I swear I could've stayed here for more CG but I had to move on.. Gotta give something else a chance. Is there a remaster for this album? It's clean as hell but lacks a little bite or power. Especially the drum is really dull. Anyway who cares we're all hear for Midnight right?

Next I just got the urge for something happier and more melodic so I arrived at Gamma Ray's Send Me A Sign. Haven't played this in an age. I just love this song. The melodies are just gorgeous. Kai's voice sounds really good before he started sounding rough in later albums probably from smoking too much. Man this song is such a blast. Loved this.

Then a strange song popped into my thoughts. Blue Murder's Valley of the Kings. God how epic is this song? Dramatic like the best Black Sabbath of the 80s with Dio or Tony Martin. In fact Sykes reminds me so much of Martin. This song man it's huge and epic in every way. The atmosphere is really something special. The guitar solo is insane too. Everyone should try this song on youtube now damn it!

Next I just started up Queensryche's Eyes of a Stranger. Probably my fave 'ryche song ever. Geoff's voice is just unreal. Another of those performances that are almost to good to be true and impossible to believe that he could replicate live. Just pure class. He may be the biggest douche in metal now but who can deny this voice in a million!

Ok I had to stay classic. Dio's Rainbow In the dark flowed. Man Dio's a little underrated I think! (joke!) His vocals are just insane. He sounds like really on the edge and almost gritty but without going full grit like Jorn or Gioelli does now. I don't think anyone can hold a candle to Dio man. The guy was something else. What a voice! And the thing is you can't pigeonhole Dio to something. His voice can suit soft rock and really dark heavy metal. He sounds amazing whatever. It's hard to believe a little skinny dude can sound so mean and yet melodic as hell.

Next I took a little break from vocals and went to Maiden's Transylvania. Man I so love this instrumental. it's just superb, can't fault it. Only the production is really bad on the debut. But what melodies. Scrumptious feast for the ears. Love it when it speeds. So awesome. Hard to stop air guitar.

next up I went classic with Annihilator's Alison Hell. The riff master general Jaff waters. Com on you can't deny that man's legendary status. Man knows killer riffs back to front and sideways.

I stayed in classic thrash mode next with Artillery's Khomaniac. Which thrasher doesn't love this track? The riffs are just unbelievably good.

Next I got nostalgic for one of my fave songs ever and I mean ever. It's Running Wild's Ballad of William Kidd. I'm just enchanted with this song. There's nothing I don't absolutely love about this. The pace and rip roaring melodies and Rolf's story telling about Mr Kidd. I love the lyrics too. When Rolf screams Bastards! about Kidd's accusers it makes you really feel for the protagonist. This is also one of the best choruses Rolf has ever written IMO. I dunno I just feel Rolf got everything right in this song. It's awesome in every way for me. I listen to this once a year maybe and it absolutely never fails to move me.

And this is the last song of tonight's trip back in time. The live version of Stormrider from Alive In Athens. Schaffer is Godly at this point. The man's riffs are just insane. No one can burn gallops like him. Even his voice good. Imagine being there man. Insane! Here it is for you..

It's been fun this....

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