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Date:2020-04-20 03:35:05
Weekly chart

Devilskin - Red (2020)

Third studio from Female fronted hard rock/metal band from NZ. A few growls here and there but for the most part melodic with good bottom end favouring groove. Riff-wise can veer from a more hard rock approach to traditional hm with introspective passages. Album seems more diverse than their sophomore album and more satisfying. Like to see them cut loose more often instrumentally like the opener with speed and aggression. Highlights - Do You See Birds, All Fall Down, Everybody’s High But Me.


Melissa VanFleet - Ode to the Dark EP (2018)

Recent discovery. Moody dark hard rock. Got noticed due to a cover of W.A.S.P. - Sleeping in the Fire. Definitely can hear a Blackie Lawless influence in her delivery from the conviction and passion but has a smooth style with a lot of colours in her voice.

Avantasia- Ghostlights (2016)

Some of my fave Avantasia tunes on this. Last international act I crossed the ditch for.

Within Temptation - Resist (2019)

I have a few of their albums and guess this one has lost them a few fans with how much electronic style elements interplay with their usual symphonic rock style. As usual Sharon den Adel is the star of the show.

Babymetal - Metal Galaxy (2019)
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