Re: Peak vs. Consistency

Date:2020-04-13 20:11:42
In Reply To:Peak vs. Consistency by Thy Sentinel
I'll definitely go with peak, since I have very few long-standing relationships with bands. Almost none are able to consistently please me, so I would much rather get one or two great records from each of them, rather than a slew of albums that are going to get lost in the pile.

If I was more a fan of bands, rather than albums, that might be a different answer. But for me, it all comes down to an album. Only very rarely do I care about the people responsible for them, so I don't feel especially let down if a band is half and half great/clunkers.

Just look at Bloodbound. I really like the first album, and "Tabula Rasa" is one of my favorite metal albums ever, but I don't give a rat's ass about anything else they've done (even the Bormann album was just 'meh'). While it would be great if they could have put out more music I like, I'll take those one and a half gems any day.
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