Date:2020-04-12 17:35:38
In Reply To:re: well I wouldn’t bother. Loud, stinky and full of metalheads. 😂(nt) by Pirage
I've never heard a metal band who sounded good. The volume is too loud and distorted. The playing is too sloppy. The singing is almost always awful because the vocalist is trying to overcome a buttload of sound. Voices weren't designed to sing at that high of a high volume. A well supervised studio performance is vastly superior in all aspects. And yes, the majority of fans are drunk, obnoxious, foul smelling, and expressing far too much glee at an overwhelming wall of shitful noise. It's only value is as a social gathering with friends who will undoubtedly plead with you at the end to say that it was anything but dreadful.
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