Re: And the best songs (regardless of the genre)

Author:Thy Sentinel
Date:2020-04-06 18:52:32
In Reply To:Re: And the best songs (regardless of the genre) by Jer
12.MEGADETH “Skin o’ My Teeth”
They have many, many better songs than this one. I don’t know if this would even make my Megadeth top 50.
To me, it's absolutely perfect. The focus, the intensity, and the drive are through the roof. Not to mention, perfect sound. The only song that rivals it in my world is "Peace Sells."
11.BLACK SABBATH “Paranoid”
Great song.
See, objectively, it's not that great. Very simplistic with truly ridiculous lyrics (makes "Iron Man" sound like "Pull Me Under"). But historically it's super important and influential.
7.RUSH “Cold Fire”
I didn’t know Rush counted in this category or I would have definitely picked one of their songs. While I like this song a lot, they have so many songs that are so much better...
I generally don't like Rush. Most of their stuff is just too thin and their keyboards suck. But when they strike it with me, they strike gold. This song is pure gold. The melody, the lyrics, the solo.
3.METALLICA “The Unforgiven”
Good song, but it wears out its welcome a bit.
Oh, and "Paranoid" doesn't? :) But I see your point. This sort of emotionality is hard to tap into, but when the mood is right, it's perfect. Besides, I still consider this solo to be the greatest guitar solo of all time.
1.JUDAS PRIEST “The Sentinel”
I see what you did there. Great song.
Heh, I *did it* when I first have heard it, in 1995 :)


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