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Date:2020-04-06 13:25:40
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: Been listening to a bit of Marty on YouTube. Very good
: indeed. My fave song so far is Ghost Riders in the
: sky. That galloping tune could be metal if you play
: the riff with an electric.

Marty is known in particular for his old west/gunfighter themed story songs. His most famous songs are El Paso(he won a Grammy for this one) and Big Iron, which is my personal favorite. One cool story about Marty, when he submitted El Paso as a single, the record labels felt it was too long(it ran 4:38, and was released in 1959, a time period when most country hits were 2 minutes or less) and that stations wouldn't play it, and asked Marty to submit a shorter version. He did, removing 4 lines, shaving off 16 seconds of run time, and he informed them that was all he would remove cause every other part was essential to the song. Arjen Lucassen of Ayreon fame has done a cover of El Paso. Both El Paso and Big Iron come from his Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs album, which is one of my all time favorite country albums.

Ghost Riders in the Sky isn't originally one of his songs originally, but it very much suits his style. It's originally by Stan Jones and is actually one of the most covered songs in country music heh. Johnny Cash has done it(great version too, a little more ominous sounding), Gene Autry, Michael Martin Murphy, lots of others. And it actually has been rocked and metalled up as well. Southern rock band The Outlaws has done a really nice rocking version of it, a couple of punk bands have done takes on it, country metal band Ghoultown has done it, even Children of Bodom and metalcore act Devil Driver have done versions.

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