Re: Top metal albums of the 90s

Date:2020-04-05 12:41:58
In Reply To:Top metal albums of the 90s by Pirage
I know everyone’s list is going to include the chemical wedding
I didn't get into any of this stuff until the early 00s, so I really don't have a lot of 90s metal album in my repertoire. "The Chemical Wedding" absolutely tops my list, although "Accident Of Birth" is right there with it. I keep saying I'll take Dickinson's trilogy over Iron Maiden. I guess I prefer Roy Z's guitar style to Smith/Murray and Harris's bass.

Another one that immediately pops to mind is Dan Swano's "Moontower". It's by far my favorite album with harsh vocals. Dan's performance is utterly remarkable.

There's also Trouble's self-titled album, which is one of the greatest guitar records ever, even if the production of the times was too thin to really capture their heaviness.

And there's Opeth's "Still Life". I go back and forth on whether that or "Blackwater Park" is the better record, but they're both great. It amazes me how much better Mikael was at writing clean melodies back when he wasn't trying so hard.
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