Top metal albums of the 90s

Date:2020-04-05 11:47:58
Here’s another list for you. List your top 20 albums of the 90s. One album per band. Any order. Some repeats from other list for me. I know everyone’s list is going to include the chemical wedding and if I did a top 30 I’d put that in but I’ve just never fully love that album. I just like this 20 more.

Megadeth - Rust in peace
Death - symbolic
Judas Priest - painkiller
Carcass - heartwork
Cynic - focus
Paradise lost - Draconian times
At the gates - slaughter of the soul
In Flames - The Jester race
Virgin steele - Invictus
Gamma Ray - power plant
Rhapsody-symphony of enchanted lands
Bolt thrower-for victory
Edguy - theatre of salvation
Morbid angel-domination
Dark tranquillity - the minds I
Atheist - unquestionable presence
Type O negative-October rust
Fear factory - Demanufacture
Running wild-the rivalry

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