Re: And the best songs (regardless of the genre)

Date:2020-04-05 04:57:33
In Reply To:And the best songs (regardless of the genre) by Thy Sentinel
Thy Sentinel proclaimed:
20. MOTLEY CRUE “Kickstart My Heart”
I almost picked this one instead of “Too Young To Fall In Love”.
19. SCORPIONS “No One Like You”
Great song.
14. DIO “Rainbow in the Dark”
Great song.
12. MEGADETH “Skin o’ My Teeth”
They have many, many better songs than this one. I don’t know if this would even make my Megadeth top 50.
11. BLACK SABBATH “Paranoid”
Great song.
10. HELLOWEEN “Eagle Fly Free”
Good song.
7. RUSH “Cold Fire”
I didn’t know Rush counted in this category or I would have definitely picked one of their songs. While I like this song a lot, they have so many songs that are so much better...
4. QUEENSRYCHE “Take Hold of the Flame”
3. METALLICA “The Unforgiven”
Good song, but it wears out its welcome a bit.
2. IRON MAIDEN “Hallowed Be Thy Name”
Yes, one of their very best.
1. JUDAS PRIEST “The Sentinel”
I see what you did there. Great song.

- Jer
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