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Author:Thy Sentinel
Date:2020-04-05 03:45:14
In Reply To:Top metal songs by Jer
Here’s a quick stab at this, only counting one song per band:
18. Mötley Crüe - “Too Young To Fall In Love”: Simple, but more interesting than it gets credit for, and it’s catchy as hell.
A masterpiece of simple songwriting. Catchy, dark, and passionate.
15. Helloween - ”I Want Out”: Not a big Helloween fan, but this song is fantastic.
A masterpiece of rebellion. Sums up my college years beautifully.

14. Dokken - ”Don’t Close Your Eyes”: An underrated song from an underrated band. I love the feel of Tooth And Nail in general, but this song has it all — great songwriting, great singing, great guitar work.
Don't even remember this one. "Lightning Strikes Again" and "Shadows of Life" are my favorite Dokken track. That band was just too sugary for me.
13. Skyclad - “Penny Dreadful (Full Shilling Mix)”: This folkier version of Skyclad’s signature anthem captures everything great about the band.
Gimme the original, please. A masterpiece of folk metal with brains, even if that album is wildely uneven.
10. Bruce Dickinson - “Strange Death In Paradise”: Not an obvious choice, but I find this to be a stunning and surprising ballad from Bruce.
He had much, MUCH better ones.
9. Nightwish - “Passion And The Opera”: A great example of everything that made late-90s Nightwish so special.
They never had a better one. Made me kneel in front of the stereo.

8. Gamma Ray - “Rebellion In Dreamland”: Has a little bit of everything, and really captures the spirit of the greatest lineup of the band.
Good song.
7. Judas Priest - “Painkiller”: Their iconic speed metal track. Excellent from start to finish.
Killer song.
6. Ozzy Osbourne - “Crazy Train”: Stone cold classic. Great vocals, great guitar work, great songwriting.
Great song.
5. Megadeth - “Holy Wars...The Punishment Due”: Mind blown.
Great start, average finish.

4. Scorpions - “Still Loving You”: Arguably the greatest metal ballad. Brilliant throughout.
A fabulous ballad. Scorpions are probably the greatest metal ballad band... although I still prefer Morgana Lefay.

3. Queensrÿche - “I Don’t Believe In Love”: The best song from their best album. Sums up a pivotal moment in the story, and everything about the song is gold.
2. Iron Maiden - “The Clairvoyant”: Major/minor key shifts, that awesome downward modulation on the chorus, catchy as hell, great performances throughout. Love it.
Good song.

1. Metallica - “Welcome Home (Sanitarium)”: Dark, epic, and crushing. Great performances and brilliant harmonized guitars toward the end of the song.
Great song. I like others better though.


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