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Date:2020-04-03 20:36:58
In Reply To:Let's do a couple of lists... by Pirage
Geez, I don’t think I even own albums by 20 different power metal bands. I can probably do a top ten with one album per band, though.

10. Iron Savior - Iron Savior: I don’t come back to them often, but when I do it’s usually this album.

9. Helloween - Keeper Of The Seven Keys, Part 1: Not a big Helloween fan, but for me this has many of their most memorable songs.

8. Blind Guardian - The Forgotten Tales: The covers are silly, but the subdued renditions of the other songs are great.

7. Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody - Ascending To Infinity: Can’t get into Lione’s vocals, but Conti’s work well enough. Feels like a Turilli solo album with more pomp.

6. Lost Horizon - Awakening The World: A little over the top, but consistently well executed.

5. Angra - Holy Land: Very unique sound. Love the native instruments and the dynamics of the album. Not big on Matos’s whiny delivery, but he gets the job done.

4. Nightwish - Oceanborn: Most of the album is absolutely brilliant, and only a few songs with questionable male lead vocals make it lose some luster.

3. Powerwolf - Lupus Dei: The best album by my current favorite power metal band. This is more of a gothic traditional metal style, which I actually prefer to their latter-day power metal sound, but it’s the one I come back to the most.

2. Luca Turilli - Prophet Of The Last Eclipse: An even more unique sound. Bouncy, synthy, sci-fi neoclassical power metal? Sounds absurd, but it’s shocking how well it works once you give yourself away to it.

1. Gamma Ray - Land Of The Free: The first power metal album I ever bought, and still the best. It’s like every melodic metal band I loved from the 80s thrown in a blender with Queen. Great songwriting, great dynamics, and Kai’s best overall vocal performance. I still wish this lineup had continued rather than bringing in Richter and Zimmermann, but what can you do.

The top metal songs list will take more thought.

- Jer
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