Re: Horisont - Free Riding

Date:2020-04-03 17:02:09
In Reply To:Re: Horisont - Free Riding by Pirage
Yet you heap praise on Graveyard a band I find completely BELOW average vintage rock.
For two reasons; 1)Joakim is a far more compelling singer (to my ears) than this guy, or most of the rest of the vintage revivalists, and 2)Graveyard's songs really hammer the riff or groove with simple efficiency. Look at "Don't Take Us For Fools". That riff through the verse is drop-dead simple, but with the thump of the tone, it locks in a groove that sticks in my head.

What I love about Graveyard is that their music is so simple, there's nothing to cover up if the ideas aren't great. They aren't all (especially on the last two albums), but they hit the mark more often than Horisont could dream of.
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