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Date:2020-04-01 16:32:51
In Reply To:Re: Let's do a couple of lists... by Pirage
Yea it’s hard to say exactly but for this list we’ll say no traditional metal so no Priest no Maiden no Saxon for example. Iced Earth is ok. Savatage not really they are more trad but let’s say yes.
Okay. In that case, lemme think. I'm not necessarily gonna list them in order, but I think the list would look something like this:

Blind Guardian-Nightfall in Middle Earth
Gamma Ray-Land of the Free
Grave Digger-Tunes of War
Rage-Black in Mind
Running Wild-Pile of Skulls
Sabaton-Carolus Rex
Persuader-Evolution Purgatory
Savatage-Gutter Ballet
Iced Earth-Something Wicked This Way Comes
Scariot-Strange to Numbers
Rebellion-Sagas of Iceland
Lovebites-Awakening From Abyss
Helloween-Keeper of the 7 Keys Part 2
Tarot-Suffer Our Pleasures
Angel Dust-Bleed
Guardians of Time-A Beautiful Atrocity
Paragon-Law of the Blade
Brainstorm-Metus Mortis
Wuthering Heights-Far From the Madding Crowd
Are we limited to 1 per band here too?
Yes only one per band let’s make it more difficult.
This one is tough. Hard to narrow down to 20 from thousands of songs...
Well I suppose you’re right it was much heavier than what they had been doing but it was a great way to bring along the heavy to the masses.
Yep. Great song for sure. Just not one I'd point someone to if I wanted them to really get a feel for Priest's general sound.
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