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Date:2020-04-01 14:18:32
In Reply To:Let's do a couple of lists... by Pirage
Let's do a couple of lists. We've done'm a million times but things change so here are my two current lists. First list is your current top 20 power metal albums of all time. The only rule is one album per band.
One per band? That makes it harder I think. Also what are we defining power metal as? I assume we're not counting bands like Maiden or Priest, but what about Savatage or Iced Earth? Some people label them heavy metal, some people call them power metal, not to mention early Iced Earth being they count or not? Once I get a better idea of what's counted here I'll try to make a list.
This catergory is your top 20 metal songs. So you have wide expanse : here. Any kind of metal song is allowed.
Are we limited to 1 per band here too?
19. Rage - Soundchaser
Definitely my fave Rage. Very heavy groovy and Peavy's vocals at their best.
I probably rank it 2nd or 3rd best rage behind Black in Mind and possibly End of All Days.
18. Masterplan - Aeronautics
Nothing they've done would ever made my top 50 even if I was limited to 1 album per band.
17. Nightwish - Oceanborn
I'd actually go with their live album from Wacken if I included them, but if live albums weren't allowed I think Wishmaster would narrowly beat this one for me.
16. Iron Savior - Unification
Good. Probably not top 20 for me though.
15. Bloodbound - Nosferatu
Give me Tabula Rasa over this one any day.
14. Nocturnal Rites - tales of mystery and imagination
They became so much better with Afterlife.
13. Helloween - Gambling WIth The Devil
If I was gonna pick a Deris album over Keepers 2, Dark Ride absolutely fucking destroys this one for me. So does Time of the Oath.
11. sabaton - The Art of War
Wasn't sure which Sabaton album to pick between Coat of Arms and this or Primo Victoria but went with this. Best song and every song a winner.
Picking a single Sabaton album is hard. I'd probably go with Carolus Rex but this one would be a close second.
10. Hammerfall - Legacy of kings
Their best. If any Hammerfall album made my list it'd be this one.
09. Running Wild - The Rivalry
Their last really good album, but still much weaker than the ones that came before.
06. Rhapsody - Symphony Of Enchanted lands
Probably their best.
05. Powerwolf - The Sacrament of Sin
Not likely to make my list but probably my favorite by them.
04. Sonata Arctica - Ecliptica
Don't like it at all. Wouldn't make my top 50. Wouldn't make my top 150 if I was including more than 1 album per band.
03. Virgin Steele - Invictus
Their best.
02. Falconer - st
01. Lost Horizon - A Flame to the Ground Beneath
I'm going to assume the band folded cause they couldn't learn to write good songs and Heiman couldn't learn to control his fucking vocals.
08. Testament - Disciples of the Watch
My fave Testament song. Love everything about it.
My favorite of theirs as well.
07. Judas Priest - Painkiller
The embodiment of what Priest is about.
Is it though? I mean I love the song, but it isn't really close to representative of the vast majority of their career.
01. Lost Horizon - Highlander (one)
Vocalist should have fucking controlled himself on the mic. The song wasn't great to begin with and with Heiman shrilly screaming randomly all over the fucking map it makes the song utterly intolerable. Wouldn't make my top 1000 much less top 10.
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