Re: March Round Up

Date:2020-03-31 14:02:42
In Reply To:March Round Up by Pirage
6.5 Nils Patrik Johansson - The Great Conspiracy
7 Intense - Songs of a Broken Future
8 Carnosus - Dogma of the Deceased
8 Ilium - Carcinogeist
8 Mindtaker - Toxic War
These all I need to either hear or hear more from.
What's to come in April?

Nightwish - Human. II Nature
Testament - Titans Of Creation
Dynazty - The Dark Delight
The Birthday Massacre - Diamonds
Warbringer - Weapons Of Tomorrow
ARP - Sign Of The Times
Mekong DeltaTales of a Future Past
These all hold interest for me. Also Lovebites-Electric Pentagram. It's out in Japan now but the US release isn't till April. I may end up ordering the Japanese edition anyways since the limited edition comes with a 2 disc live album and after seeing their fantastic Battle in the East live DVD the live album holds appeal. But importing stuff from Japan isn't cheap, and with it being limited the price is likely higher...
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