March Round Up

Date:2020-03-31 10:58:45
First of all an album I missed in 2019

Dawnlight - Until the Dark Sun Rises
Very cool melodic power metal that reminds me of Lost Horizon mixed with Stratovarius and the melodeath band Wintersun minus growls. Not heavy but light, shreddy and speedy. Great vocals oddly enough though with an accent being a Spaniard. Smooth and clean. I'd rate it at 8/10.

41 March albums ranked out of ten in total. 27 achieving a grade of 7/10 or higher.

4 Elixir - Voyage Of The Eagle
Extremely poor sound. Probably on purpose. Songs slow and boring too. Not the kind of NWOBHM I seek.

5 My Dying Bride - The Ghost of Orion
Well I gave it a shot but I bailed before the end. It's probably good or very good if you are a fan of the band. But I'm not hence a poor rating.

5 The Prophecy 23 - Fresh Metal
Jokey thrashcore crossover. Sounds ok but I just couldn't get into it overall.

5 Trepalium - From The Ground
Band is no longer death metal. Sounds something like a more technical groovy Down with Anselmo like vocals. Not my cuppa at all.

5.5 Banisher - Degrees of Isolation
Starts off good but tails off into boredom. Some decent riffs here and there in this semi tech thrash/death band.

5.5 Ross the Boss - Born of Fire
Unmemorable songs and a lot of roughhouse screams by the singer.

6 Body Count - Carnivore
Actually quite listenable but playing the whole thing over and over? Won't happen.

6 Confess - Burn 'em All
A bit disappointing. It's ok and even good but I wasn't so excited by this old school band on this occasion.

6 Dexter Ward - III
Greek cult metal. Quite good but needs much more excitement for me to play again.

6 Ferocity - The Hegemony
Very one dimensional death metal. Cool riffs but vocals very boring.

6 Silent Tiger - Ready for Attack
Quite nice melodic rock. Everything is ok but unexciting.

6.5 Jesse Damon - Damon's Rage
Again not bad but production is a bit average. Songs are ok but forgettable for the most part.

6.5 Nils Patrik Johansson - The Great Conspiracy
Sadly I couldn't fully get into this. It's a good record but I think I prefer his first solo album.

6.5 Stitched Up Heart - Darkness
Much better than I was anticipating but the quality is too mixed. There's about 5 really good songs though.

7 Almanac - Rush of Death
Some superb riffs from Victor. Guy can run rings round most. Songs are ok. A few meandering duff moments drags my score down a bit but a good record for sure.

7 Decaying Purity - Mass Extinction of the Providential Ones
Decapitated worship of the classic mould. Vocals are super boring however. And song structures are totally indistinguishable from one another. Still the torrent of jamming riffs and double bass is like an aural descend into hell.

7 Intense - Songs of a Broken Future
A good album only held back from higher marks by slightly weak vocals. He's not bad but just nothing special about him. Other than that a good melodic power metal album like a more melodic, song focused Iced Earth.

7 Lost Legacy - In the Name of Freedom
Nice power metal. Vocals holding them back a bit. Still decent though.

7 Stallion - Slaves of Time
Speedy and melodic trad metal. Vocals high as a kite. Fun.

7 Pestifer - Expanding Oblivion
Solid tech death. A few boring songs with too much meander. Superb bass.

7 Xtasy - Eye of the Storm
Erik's massive footprints all over it. Sadly that gal's voice drags the whole thing down. Still good though.

7 Virocracy - Irradiation
Slick female fronted death. Great sound but each song is at least 2 minutes too long making listening a bit difficult. Still rock solid though.

7.5 17 Crash - Through Hell and Back
I really enjoyed these Spaniards. Nice melodic rock. Tasty riffs. Accented and whiny high vocals the major drawback but I can bare him. Album is fun.

7.5 Ani Lo. Projekt - A Time Called Forever
Bug surprise from this unknown project. Very melodic catchy. Some rough vocals in fact quite a bit of rough vocals. I don't sweat it, they are not super annoying like some bands. I liked this.

7.5 BAD As - Crucified Society
Another unknown hard rock band. Very mixed affair. Some superb songs and some average. Very mixed. Overall have to give them credit.

7.5 Brutalody - Divine Right of Kings
Mix of styles. Mostly technical and melodic death metal. Very killer playing.

7.5 CCD - Winter in Paradise
Swedish melodic rock/metal. Very solid and enjoyable singer. Clean and a lot of melody. Some songs not so great.

7.5 Five Finger Death Punch - F8
hehe the band everyone loves to H8. Well it's actually a good album, even very good in places. There is a fair bit of bro metal on it but yeah whatever I still enjoy Ivan's vocals. The man can seriously sing.

7.5 Grand Design - V
The vocals are gonna turn people insane but I've gotten used to this guy. the music is beautifully lush melodic rock ala Def Leppard as always. I think I enjoyed previous albums more but "V" is still good enough.

7.5 Newman - Ignition
As usual Newman are very adept at smooth as silk melodic rock. A lovely clean production as usual.

7.5 The Unity - Pride
A very good album and could rise to an 8 but it's not quite as good as the singles led me to believe. Still very enjoyable though and a great singer.

8 Ambush - Infidel
Great album by these Swedes. Melodic trad metal with a superb singer is the order of the day. Really enjoyable with a beer in your hand and the horns raised.

8 Carnosus - Dogma of the Deceased
Superbly fluid technical death. Top class playing with fast grooves and unobtrusive death vocals. Excellent effort by these chaps.

8 Harem Scarem - Change The World
I'm giving 8/10 to harem and I'm disappointed would you believe. It's just not as good as Unioted sadly. It is very good though with some great songs I can't deny.

8 Ilium - Carcinogeist
Didn't realise the Aussies were also releasing an album after the Enviro metal long ep. This is more of the same melodic goodness. What a rich vein of form they must've been in.

8 Mindtaker - Toxic War
Insane Spanish thrash metal. SO many killer riffs. Vocals poor but I don't even care. Makes me wanan jump around like a loon!

8 Wolf - Feeding the Machine
Swedes deliver the goods yet again. A very clean, lean and mean production. Songs mostly very good indeed though not totally amazing.

8.5 Allen/Olzon - Worlds Apart
A superbly crafted effort from the Frontiers team. Both in top vocal form. Lot of melody and good heaviness. Couple of the songs maybe a bit average so have to take marks off somewhere.

8.5 Badd Kharma - On Fire
Massive surprise from these Greeks. The guitarist is from Innerwish. The singer whose name I forget is plain awesome. This is classic melodic metal. Something like Rainbow/Dio. Great album for me and a fine addiction to the Greek scene.

8.5 Khymera - Master Of Illusions
Another slight surprise. I ended up not even really liking the last Khymera. For some reason they really turned it around with this one. I find the songs really engaging. Great melodies and a polished and heavy sound. What's not to love?

9 The Night Flight Orchestra - Aeromantic
And now it's time for Aeromance! Well it was until that shite took over the world. I just love this album. I think it might even be their best album yet. The melodies are gorgeously addictive to me. Speed Strid is on top of his game and the rest of the band are on fire too. Just beautiful, gorgeous music to my ears.

What's to come in April?

Nightwish - Human. II Nature
Testament - Titans Of Creation
Ad Infinitum - Chapter I - Monarchy
Dynazty - The Dark Delight
The Birthday Massacre - Diamonds
Bonfire - Fistful of Fire
Dakesis - Fractures
Darker Half - If You Only Knew
Kill Ritual - The Opaque and the Divine
Conception - State Of Deception
Warbringer - Weapons Of Tomorrow
Trivium - What The Dead Men Say
Dark Forest - Oak, Ash & Thorn
Traveler - Termination Shock
Trick Or Treat - The Legend Of The XII Saints
ARP - Sign Of The Times
Absolva - Side By Side
DeVicious - Phase Three
Mekong Delta Tales of a Future Past
Warbringer - Weapons Of Tomorrow

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