Re: Vandenberg - Shadows Of The Night

Date:2020-03-26 20:59:11
Edited:2020-03-26 21:03:01
In Reply To:Vandenberg - Shadows Of The Night by Nosferatwo

Yet another album titled "2020", and yet another band that Ronnie Romero is in. How many ways can I skip this?
Why do you even post the song? We know you don't like Romero! How many times will you write it? You could just have skipped posting this. Sounds like a broken record.

The song is excellent BTW, as are his vocals.

Also, this from a Bravewords story:

The guitarist pulled a master stroke by bringing in Chilean born Ronnie Romero on vocals, a singer who forged a formidable reputation over past years with Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow. “I needed an incredible singer in order to make the use of the Vandenberg name make sense and Ronnie more than fits the bill. We got chatting through Facebook, and I asked him if he'd be interested in being in the band. It turns out he is a big fan, as I am of him, so we met in Madrid, where he lives, to see if we could get along, and we really connected.”

“As soon as I knew Ronnie was on board, I wrote the songs to suit Ronnie's amazing vocal capabilities. We then met up again in Madrid to demo songs using my iPad, which is the way I do things.” Romero himself recalls the importance of Adrian Vandenberg on his career. “The reason why I started singing when I was in my teens is when I heard the live acoustic album ‘Starkers In Tokyo’ by David Coverdale and Adrian Vandenberg. So, you can imagine that I am very excited and honored to be the vocalist for the band Vandenberg.”
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