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Date:2020-01-19 15:34:23
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50) Tungsten - We Will Rise
Drummer Anders Johansson (ex-Hammerfall, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen, ex-Silver Mountain) teams up with his 2 sons and Michael Andersson (Cloudscape) for this varied melodic metal album.
I ended up not fully liking it. About a 6.5/10 for me.
Probably a 7 for me, a few weaker songs but solid overall IMO.

49) Michael Sweet – Ten
New solo album by the Stryper vocalist. Mix of hard rock and melodic metal.
Only heard the single and didn't like enough to continue.
If that single was the title track, then it's the worst song of the album and the only one I don't like. You might want to check the rest if you like Sweet's vocals. The one I linked is good.

41) Enforcer – Zenith
More varied and lighter at times but still traditional heavy/speed.
Very disappointing effort. Trying to be a bit different and failing.
No fail for me, it's my fave from them! ;)

39) Herman Frank - Fight The Fear
Good old Herman still delivers quality melodic heavy/power stuff with Masterplan singer Rick Altzi.
Standard stuff for me.
I like this kind of standard.

36) Human Fortress - Reign Of Gold
3rd album with Gus Monsanto on vocals. Solid melodic power stuff. Couple previous ones were better overall though.
Quite disappointing. Nowhere near my top anything.
Disappointing vs the 2 previous ones I agree but still solid. Production coudl have been better though.

23) Screamer - Highway Of Heroes
Swedish old-school metal band delivers his best album so far.
I don't think I got into this one. I only tried once. Surprised it's so high in your list.
My fave in this old-school style.

13) Mustasch - Killing It For Life
This band should get more attention. Really good modern hard rock/metal stuff. And Ralf Gyllenhammar continues to show you can be an aggressive singer without growling.
I couldn't get into this at all sadly. Band is very hit and miss for me.
Their last 3 or 4 are my faves. Before, they were hit and miss for me.

10) Restless Spirits – Restless Spirits
Lords Of Black guitarist Tony Hernando delivers a solid set of hard rock/AOR songs with an impressive list of singers (Johnny Gioeli, Deen Castronovo, Dino Jelusick, Alessandro Del Vecchio, Diego Valdez, Kent Hilli).
I couldn't get into this one. Too indifferent.
Really surprised here. Lots of quality songs on this one, starting with the Gioeli ones.

3) Suicidal Angels - Years Of Aggression
By far the best thrash disc of the year for me. These Greeks have released their best album yet. I love the fact that while it’s thrash metal, the tempos vary a lot, and there is some melody too. The Slayer influences are still there but they have their own style too.
Welcome on board the thrashosphere! Surprised to see you here but we got room a plenty!
I used to listen to LOTS of thrash in the mid-end of 80s but then lost interest. I started to get back into the style a few years ago but I'm quite selective. This album is killer in the style.

1)JD Miller – Afterglow
This album came out of the blue at the end of the year to grab my top spot. I loved their previous album (2017’s World War X) and I thought this new one was a bit inferior after my first couple of listens cause overall lighter (guitars a bit lower in the mix with keys more upfront). But it kept growing on me and I now think it’s a killer album. Heavy AOR is how they describe themselves and I agree with this. Catchy songs with great melodies and enough crunch to keep my interest. Noone seems to know this Swedish band and it’s a shame IMO. Band name for sure doesn’t help…
You just love these guys too much hehe! Like me with Eclipse or Powerwolf. I really like the album. For me it's better than the previous one actually. Melodies are more to the front making the songs more memorable.
Yes, some bands click for some reason and JD Miller is one of them for me. I'm sure many will think , WTF, #1? Really? But heh...

Honorable mentions :
A New Revenge - Enemies And Lovers
Best of the Ripper wastes of time from last year for sure!

All Things Fallen - s/t
Don't know this band.
Melodic prog metal. I think you'd like it.

Alter Bridge - Walk The Sky
Good but ever so slightly disappointing.
I agree.

Crystal Viper - Tales Of Fire And Ice
Her accent put me off.
Yes, it's kind of a distraction at times but I like the little switch towards a more melodic style and she sings great.

Iron Savior - Kill Or Get Killed
Like both of these way more than you.
I don't know, I thought this was inferior overall compared to the last few ones I loved.

Last In Line - II
Disappointing for me.
Hit or miss for sure but a few nice songs.
Majesty - Legends
Some very fun tunes.
A bit like Crystal Viper, I enjoy the little switch towards a more accessible style. Could have probably made the top 50 if I had done the list another day! This song is killer IMO. So catchy!

Noveria - Aequilibirum
Like this more than you.
Speed puts this down a bit for me.

Great list. We have a ton of overlap. 37 of your top 50 I like to varying degrees. 20 of your next best I like too.
We often like similar stuff, except when there is too much double-bass!

Overall would you say 2019 was slightly worse for you than the last couple of years?
Yes it was. Lots of very good released this year, but not as many "wow" albums than 2018 or 2017. Priest and Fifth Angel were my tops for last year while Threshold and Sorcerer were for 2017. I don't like any of my current top 10 as much as these 4 discs I'd say.

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