Re: Novena - Indestructible

Date:2020-01-10 21:15:45
In Reply To:Novena - Indestructible by Nosferatwo

More lame stuff from Frontiers. That Allen/Olzon album (we get the first song next week) better be good, because their release schedule early in the year sounds pretty weak. I was at least curious about that one with Zak Stevens coming up, but the samples are out there, and it sounds so boring.

*Edit* I forgot they also said new Harem Scarem in March. But since the last album is the only one of theirs I know/like, I'm not getting too excited yet.
Everything starts at 0/10 and works its way up right??

Anyway I don't really like this, especially when it gets growly but you can hear the talent in the riffs. But Frontiers can branch out all they like I don't let it bother me an inch. Who really cares.

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