Re: 2019 round up

Date:2019-12-29 20:01:39
In Reply To:Re: 2019 round up by Alex
Pirage, you really need to get paid for all this work you do. Thank you.
You’re welcome hehe.
I started going through your picks and just got through 1-5, and I noticed something.
05. Avantasia - Moonglow
I really don't like Avantasia, since Tobias Sammet's voice has always bothered me. But this track you shared was just amazing. I recognized Geoff's voice immediately, and I thought, this is the best he has sounded in 25 years. Thanks, I really needed to hear that.
Alchemy is a great song and Geoff sings great on it. Probably worth checking Sweet Oblivion too if you haven’t already.

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