Re: 2019 round up

Date:2019-12-27 16:08:05
In Reply To:Re: 2019 round up by Nosferatwo
I think 8/10 is a good number to list and there's still bloody 122 of them!
I find that number crazy. I don't give out scores, but when I used to, I know 8/10 (or four stars) wasn't that common. I'd need to listen to almost a thousand records
Well what do you think I did? Probably close to a 1000 records sampled. About 500 getting a full spin. 283 getting a 7/10 min rating and 122 hitting my 8/10 cut off. It helps that I’m quite varied in my listening but thank Satan I don’t do black metal or its 100 derivatives otherwise I’d be writing well into next year! 🤦🏻‍♂️
55. Within Temptation - Resist
I've seen a few people saying it's one of the worst albums of the year. Nice to see someone else enjoying it for what it is.
It’s just an enjoyable album but quite far from classic WT.

We don't share much at the tops of our lists. My top three (Soen, Dream State, and Michael Monroe) don't even crack your top 122. Man, I can't imagine making a top 122 list. And to think, I'm considering slowing down a bit next year, not speeding up.
Soen is just outside my top 122. The other 2 are not in the top 1000! 😂

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