Re: Human Fortress

Date:2019-12-02 21:06:32
In Reply To:Re: Human Fortress by Pirage
The production again seems poor to me.
It's not great. I'm struggling to understand how these labels are putting out records that sound so bad. It's easy to record a guitar, run it through an amp sim on a laptop, and have a perfectly respectable sounding record. So how does Quiet Riot make an album that sounds like it would have been rejected even in 1985? Or LA Guns sounding like crap? Or this one?

Or Baroness intentionally putting out a record so poorly done it gives a lot of people headaches. I like "Purple", and I thought I would have liked "Gold & Grey" too, but I refuse to listen to them, since they sound like absolute shit. Making records that sound good doesn't cost much these days, so why do lousy ones still get made and put out?

Quality control, STAT!
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