Re: November Review

Date:2019-11-30 13:48:33
In Reply To:November Review by Pirage
6/10 Michael Bormann's Jaded Hard - Feels Like Yesterday
Not bad but forgettable. Heard it all before rock.
He's definitely running on empty. How many times has he repackaged his own songs? Didn't he just put out an album of old stuff from his various bands collected together? I think it would do him good to settle on one project, preferably with another strong writer in it, for a while.
7/10 Fleshcrawl - Into the Catacombs of Flesh
Solid old school catchy death metal. Notable for the song Chained Impalement which has the best chorus lyrics of the month which I will regale for you in

"Bleed you fucking cunt
Burn you fucking cunt
suffer you fucking cunt
Die you fucking cunt"
Yeah, that's going to be a hard pass.
7.5/10 Voyager - Colours in the Sun
Actually slightly disappointing but still very classy and hyper melodic.
Hmm... I heard the singles, and I didn't find them melodic at all. Sounded really boring to me.
8/10 Pretty Maids - Undress Your Madness
Solid effort from the old Maids! Never been a huge Ronnie fan but I actually really like his performance on this. Songs are memorable with a stunning production.
The previous album was really good too.
9/10 Work of Art - 2019 - Exhibits
Any yes finally the AOTM is a no brainer.
I didn't even bother listening to it. I still like some pop, but AOR does nothing for me.
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