November Review

Date:2019-11-30 11:04:46
Again I listened to way way too much stuff to really comprehend - way more than October and probably more than most months of this year. Madness. A lot of solid 7 to 8/10 level material and a couple of higher level albums at the top. An acceptable late year month of music. I swear one of these days I'm just gonna stop trying new music altogether...(what a fuckin' liar hahaha!)

5/10 Blame Zeus - Seethe
Didn't really get into this at all. Bailed out last 2 songs actually.

5/10 Bombus - Vulture Culture
In the end not my thing. Was thinking it might be ok but just ended up boring.

5/10 Denner's Inferno - In Amber
Soem decent riffs but very average production. Not bad if you are a Mercyful fate completist.

5/10 Edge of Paradise - Universe
A couple of decent songs but not my thing.

5/10 Powerride
Couple of decent ACDCish rockers but very poor production.

5.5/10 My Last Whisper - Ascended
Melodic power metal. Not terrible but far from geat. Weak vocals.

5.5/10 Station - Stained Glass
Weak vocals in this reasonable melodic rock.

6/10 Aephanemer - st
Melodic atmospheric death metal with female scratchy vox. Not bad at all.

6/10 Crystal Sky - Spell of the Witch
Decent US melodic power. Vocals a bit so so and songs unmemorable but very decent sound.

6/10 Gothic Stone - Haereticum Empyreum
Melodic doom with clean vocals. Songs not my thing and production poor but decently executed.

6/10 Grand Slam - Hit The Ground
Average melodic rock, not bad but forgettable.

6/10 Kingcrown - A Perfect World
Decently exected heavy power metal but mostly average and sadly quite poor vocals from Jo Amore, a guy who I have liked in the past.

6/10 Michael Bormann's Jaded Hard - Feels Like Yesterday
Not bad but forgettable. Heard it all before rock.

6/10 Nibiru Ordeal - Solar Eclipse
Cheap sounding power metal. Not bad but just seems like a very forgettable release.

6/10 Running Wild - Crossing The Blades (ЕР)
Pretty decent songs out of the new ones but a truly horrid production. What are you thinking Rolf? I'm not just talking drums either. Guitar sounds about as clear as mud.

6.5/10 Horace Wimp - Come Step Inside My Head
Unknown Swedish heavy metal. Quite decent song wise but won't make huge waves that's for certain.

6.5/10 Magic Kingdom - MetAlmighty
I have like MK in the past quite a lot but this is just another mundane power metal release. the production is also not great and Mike Vescera's vocals are annoying to say the least.

6.5/10 Meshiaak - Mask of All Misery
Good effort but in the end as a whole mostly forgettable.

6.5/10 Wilderun - Veil of Imagination
Many will love this but in the end this is not my thing and I won't listen again but decently executed.

7/10 Crisix - Crisix Session # 1 American Thrash
Spanish guys doing solid underground thrash covers.

7/10 Crow's Flight - The Storm
Decently executed power metal. Vocals a bit so so. Decent like I said but no earth shaker.

7/10 Degreed - Lost Generation
Expected more from Degreed. It's good modern melodic rock but I need better songs.

7/10 Electronomicon - The Age of Lies
Decent melodic heavy metal. Good vocals. decent songs. Nothing much else to report lol.

7/10 Fighter V - Fighter
Very good music, crystal clear sound. let down by weak nancy boy vocals but the songs are really good.

7/10 Fleshcrawl - Into the Catacombs of Flesh
Solid old school catchy death metal. Notable for the song Chained Impalement which has the best chorus lyrics of the month which I will regale for you in

"Bleed you fucking cunt
Burn you fucking cunt
suffer you fucking cunt
Die you fucking cunt"

7/10 Incardine - Seeds of Doom
Slick death metal. Vocals far too low in the mix. Cool riffs.

7/10 Metal De Facto - Imperium Romanum
Unknown Italian melodic power metal. Some lovely big choruses. Production is poor and messy.

7/10 Redline - Gods and Monsters
Average melodic rock/metal from some old Brit guys. Very good vocals lifts this up from the mundane.

7/10 Splattered - Carnivortex
Hahaha...the riffs go crash..wooosh...splatttttt! Sicknesss follows.....

7/10 The Even Order - The Awakening
Unknown, clean thrash with mixed vocals. Mostly clean shouts and some growls. Decent AJFA styled riffs.

7.5/10 Cattle Decapitation - Death Atlas
A very interesting release from the Vegan eco warriors. Some great passages. First album I've liked from them. Not all of it is for me but many great, crystal clear riffs.

7.5/10 Deaf Rat - Ban the Light
Fairly surprised by this new band's heavy rock. Decent time can be spent listening to this modern yet melodic heavy rock.

7.5/10 Decadence - Six Tape
Sharp and clean thrash with waspish female vocals. Killer riffs all over the shop.

7.5/10 Dimhav - The Boreal Flame
Ok I was a bit hasty. I was just surprised to see DH singing again and he sounds as amazing as ever. However the music is a bit too epic for it's own good. I was thinking 8.5/9 at first but had to tone that down. Still great to hear DH though. What a voice!

7.5/10 Hideous Divinity - Simulacrum
Rock solid, super brutal heavy death metal. Melt your brains.

7.5/10 Induction - Induction
Czech power metal featuring Kai Hansen's son. Very good production. Decent songs. Slightly weak vocals but very good potential.

7.5/10 Paganizer - The Tower of the Morbid
another Rogga project. he has about a 10 cds released every year. THis is one of the better ones. Rumbling old school insanity!

7.5/10 Patrick Hemer - The Writing's On the Wall
Unknown dude doing heavy proggy power. Very solid and surprising in many ways. Very good Patrick!

7.5/10 Reign of Fury - Exorcise Reality
Rock solid melodic thrash metal with fun riffs and melodic-ish vocals.

7.5/10 Reincarnage - Reap
Rock solid heavy death metal with crunchy riffs and booming vokills.

7.5/10 Voyager - Colours in the Sun
Actually slightly disappointing but still very classy and hyper melodic.

7.5/10 Weresquatch - The Maddening Memoirs
Fun thrash. Vokills too deathy but not annoying. Great bouncy riffs.

8/10 Adrian Benegas - The Revenant
This Adrian guy is from South America. he's got something akin to Avantasia down there in his day job but this is his solo album and boy is it great. He got great singers, he got a great production and the songs are mostly very good.

8/10 Fire From the Gods - American Sun
Brit rap/ragga/metal homies. These guys are my guilty pleasure. Something akin to Skindred but much heavier and better. Featuring huge melodic choruses all over the joint. Makes you wanna get up and fuck shit up with da bruddaz. Woke lyrics.

8/10 Horizon's End - Skeleton Keys
Fuck yes progheads! Musically at an incredible DT esque level. Solid vocals, not amazing. Songs rock solid. Musicianship wow level.

8/10 Pretty Maids - Undress Your Madness
Solid effort from the old Maids! Never been a huge Ronnie fan but I actually really like his performance on this. Songs are memorable with a stunning production.

8/10 Tygers of Pan Tang - Ritual
Oh yes another old time band showing they still got it. Ok it's not much of the actual 'old' band but who cares. The music is great and rock solid. Great vocals from that chap too whoever he is.

8.5/10 Bestial Invasion - Monomania
Woahhh. Yes! JF country. Great mentally chalenging avant garde thrash metal. Dunno wtf is going on half the time but what a wild and interesting listen. Superb bass too.

8.5/10 Cyhra - No Halos In Hell
First album was good but this is loads better. Songwriting has become super catchy. Massive pop hooks in literally every song. Great stuff.

8.5/10 Great Master - Skull and Bones - Tales from over the Seas
A big entry from these cult eyeties. Epic heavy metal to the max. Super accented vocals which are actually perfect for the band. Love the theme about heroes of the seas too. Mixing Domine, Running Wild and Manowar..horns up for Great Master!

8.5/10 Signum Regis - The Seal of a New World
Have liked almost all their discog but mostly the albums with Goran Edman but the new album is absolutely fantastic. The new singer is good not amazing but the sound is superb and the songwriting very damn good. Really epic!

8.5/10 The Dark Element - Songs the Night Sings
Very good and worthy follow up but no surprises so not as good as the debut. Everything is at the same level just a couple of less interetsing songs at the end.

9/10 Work of Art - 2019 - Exhibits
Any yes finally the AOTM is a no brainer. The best actual AOR band in existence today..well probably as they say about Carlsberg. And I mean AOR not hard rock or melodic rock like Eclipse. To be AOR you need no edge or heaviness in the riff and WoA are that to the core. Of course it's all held together by the awe inspiring vocals of Lars Safsund. THat dude is something else. Robert Sall is a great song writer too. WoA haven't yet put a fut wrong over 4 When will they ever get it wrong...??

December releases:

Carcariass - Planet Chaos
Crystal Eyes - Starbourne Traveler
Edge of Forever Native Soul
Power Theory Force of Will
The Murder of My Sweet Brave Tin World
Sign X - Like A Fire
Human Fortress- Reign Of Gold
A New Tomorrow - Universe
Saints Trade - Time To Be Heroes

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