Re: Mustasch "Killing It For Life" ..

Date:2019-11-27 18:47:54
In Reply To:Mustasch "Killing It For Life" .. by Uziel
Mustasch are a strange band. They always sound like they are on some extended jam session. This album is no exception. This is little more than an extended EP. Having said that, however, when they get it right they really get it right. But they have got it pretty much all wrong on this release. It sounds tired, lacking in inspiration, and old.
Nah... This is another very good disc for them. Go To Hell is the only song that drags along because of the repeated chorus. The rest rules and is no different than the latest few albums. Ralf continues to show the world you don't have to growl to be an aggressive singer.

But yes, at 36 minutes, it's indeed on the short side. Could have used a couple more songs.
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