Re: Blame Zeus "Seethe" ...

Author:Troll's Hole
Date:2019-11-25 19:24:54
In Reply To:Blame Zeus "Seethe" ... by Uziel
Brillant, brilliant modern rock/metal album. A spellbindingly extraordinary powerhouse female vocalist and a whole set of great songs. A dark vibe throughout and a simple formula. What rises this immediately to instant class status is the quality of songwriting, lyrical intimacy and soulful vocals.
Agreed 100%. Colours often matter more than any other aspect of music, and this was in full effect on the album, which whilst having a serious hint of Noice in it, came across as more of a personal testament to her feelings and experiences. Beautiful writing.

This makes a striking album and I'm incredibly lucky to have heard it. "No" is an amazing song, The mood is perfect, The beat is exactly the way I would have written the song years ago, and each line is so perfectly executed. The rest of the album is masterful throughout, but the best track (and arguably the highlight) is "White" where Sandra makes all her charm and fun come alive. I'll definitely be a bigger fan of the album when I'm ready to listen to it on my own.

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