Re: Tolki got around to calling Eclipse a rip-off

Date:2019-11-17 22:07:11
In Reply To:Tolki got around to calling Eclipse a rip-off by Nosferatwo

It was mentioned here that "The Masquerade" sounded like one of Tolkki's songs, and now he's saying it too. He mentions "a case", but doesn't say if it's pending, or if he lost.

But he also says, "I copied all the stuff from HELLOWEEN and RAINBOW, but I always gave them credit," he said. "But they never did this."

I've never given Tolkki a penny, so someone answer this; does anyone from those bands have a writing credit on one of Tolkki's songs? If not, he's a damn thief too.
I know he copied Savatage's Edge Of Thorns on the last Allen/Lande disc for the song Lady Of Winter. So, cry me a river Timo... Not sure at all there is a Savatage credit mentioned anywhere... Someone could confirm, I don't have a physical copy.
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