Dimhav - The Boreal Flame - bloody hell!!!

Date:2019-11-14 22:49:40
Who saw this coming??? The single greatest singer power metal has ever known is back with a vengeance!! Dimhav is a very epic band with long drawn out songs and quite similar to Lost Horizon in many ways but with some slight differences also. However I listened with incredulity for most of this I must say. So much ambition oozes from every pore indeed! They even have very similar keyboard sounds to LH.

Daniel hasn't missed a beat in all these years though. Ok he's fronting a different band but is still doing a fantastic job propelling the music to much higher levels than it would otherwise achieve. The melodies are not as straightforward as in LH and not so fixated with being powerful but the whole thing reeks of class. Very ambitious music and lots to digest with more and more plays. The more you play this the better it'll get I'm sure. The song From Southern Shores is utterly fantastic. Hear so much LH in that tune... Welcome back to metal Daniel and co! Now for that third LH disk... :-P

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