Re: New Harem Scarem news

Date:2019-11-07 20:30:50
In Reply To:New Tunes Day(s): by Nosferatwo
Not a new song but news that the album is recorded. Which is great news for those of us that loved United. A fair few of us I believe. It's gonne have to go some to get anywhere near United but we can only hope. I remember Eclipse and HS were very close for my AOTY and since then Erik has come out with NU, WET and Eclipse(busy boy no doubt as we all know!) whilst Harry and co are biding their time. I'm hopeful but I just can't believe that it'll be as good as United but I'm sure it'll be great in its own right. Hopefully a single before the year's end but release date probably early next year but I'm guessing. Hopefully some concrete news from Frontiers soon.

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